Why GTT@home from Digostics is an effective replacement to overcome clinic-based OGTT scheduling problems and provision cost.
In-clinic OGTT 3-hour test in the morning, overnight fasting, difficult to access, patient no-shows, clinical non-compliance.
GTT@home easy to use at home, clinically equivalent, liked by patients & clinicians, improved diagnosis, raises compliance.
GTT@home Test conveniently at home, scan by smartphone, results sent via Digostics Cloud, clinician review and involvement.
GTT@home vs OGTT 90% prediabetes detection (vs 50% max), type 2 93% (vs 20-72% max), false diagnosis only 1% (vs approx 40%)
In a UCL trial GTT@home improved test uptake in a critical patent group by 57% from 52% to 82%. Digostics aims to serve 100%.