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Timely Diabetes Care Demands a New Approach to Testing

Timely Diabetes Care Demands a New Approach to Testing


50% of adults living with diabetes remain undiagnosed. 

Given the significant population health implications of missed or delayed detection, an immediate step-change is required in how we test for diabetes.

Digostics offers the world's first and only alternative to in-clinic oral glucose tolerance testing (OGTT) by enabling this crucial diabetes test to be performed at home.

Simplified testing.  Increased patient throughput.  Better outcomes. 

"Diabetes is Spiralling Out of Control"

International Diabetes Federation, 2022

We cannot afford for diabetes to continue to go so dangerously undetected within our communities.


1 in 10

adults worldwide are living with diabetes*


1 in 2

living with diabetes are currently undiagnosed*



increase in individuals with diabetes by 2045*


Every 5 Seconds

someone is lost to diabetes*

Fortunately, Digostics is here to help.

The Future of Diabetes Detection, Today

Revolutionising Diabetes Testing

The OGTT remains the gold standard in diabetes testing.  However, the test takes over two hours to perform.  Furthermore, the complexity involved means it is only offered in clinics.

The inconvenience of clinic OGTT for patients and the provisioning challenges posed for healthcare professionals are significant reasons why total patient testing volumes consistently fall short of targets in standard of care.

It’s time for something different.

GTT@home is a revolutionary new OGTT home-testing service from Digostics comprised of a simple-to-use device that enables diabetes testing on a date and at a location of the patient's choosing.

Let's take the test to the patient.
Revolutionising Diabetes Testing
Patient Benefits

Patient Benefits

  • No travel to clinic

  • Takes less time

  • No out-of-pocket expenses

  • Minimal disruption to daily routine

  • Test on day of choice

  • Relaxed test environment

  • Faster results

  • Earlier access to treatment

Clinical Benefits

Clinical Benefits

  • Speed up diagnosis

  • Earlier intervention opportunities

  • Increased testing capacity

  • Minimal disruption to daily routine

  • Meet targets in standards of care

  • Lower overall cost of test

  • Optimisation of clinic resources

  • Reduced administration

  • Covid-19 mitigation measure

  • Reduced pressure on midwifery

Easier Diabetes Testing for Everyone


Improving Access to OGTT

Everyone should have timely and convenient access to OGTT.

And yet, late or missed tests are common as in-clinic OGTT becomes increasingly difficult to schedule, deliver and attend.

GTT@home empowers healthcare providers to offer OGTT to those who need it, when they need it.  And without concern as to how the associated test workload will be managed.

Similarly, patients get to test safely from home, with minimal disruption to daily routines and with the ability to have their results sent immediately to those responsible for their care.

A win-win for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Easier Diabetes Testing for Everyone
Streamlining the OGTT Test Workflow

Streamlining the OGTT Test Workflow


Greater testing capacity. Faster diagnoses.

GTT@home ensures more patients can be easily tested, on time.

It provides clinic-equivalent test performance.  But significantly, without any of the staffing overheads, risks of sample degradation and laboratory delays that frequently impact clinic testing capacity.

By eliminating in-clinic tests, GTT@home enables more testing, faster results, and where warranted, an unparalleled opportunity for early clinical intervention.

Solution Features:

  • Proven equivalence to in-clinic OGTT

  • Universal ease of use without training

  • Preferred by patients

  • NFC technology for smartphone reading

  • Supports HL7 v2 messaging

  • HL7 FHIR compliant

  • Cyber security accreditation

  • UK and European marketing authorisation

University Hospital Southampton


UHS and Digostics partner on a world-first project designed to improve screening for gestational diabetes.

Expectant mothers under the care of UHS maternity services recently became the first, anywhere in the world, to be offered oral glucose tolerance testing at home.  

Watch the video and click to learn more about the partnership!

One Test, So Many Applications


GTT@home can be applied to facilitate diabetes testing in many important clinical pathways.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes

Type One

Type One

Type Two

Type Two



Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

and more...

GTT@home in Practice


Poster: GTT@home - Home Oral Glucose Test -

An Alternative to Clinic Visits

Download our latest study demonstrating GTT@home's equivalent performance to in-clinic OGTT.  

Swansea University

"GTT@home has an excellent correlation and low bias compared to a reference laboratory glucose analyser, with an excellent agreement in categorisation of glucose tolerance."

Professor Steve Luzio 

Swansea University


"GTT@home improved uptake of testing in a critical patient group from 52% to 82% in a single offering."

Dr Catherine Peters

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Newcastle University

"Detecting gestational diabetes is a national and global priority. OGTT home-testing would be a great boost to the identification and management of gestational diabetes."

Sir George Alberti 

Newcastle University


"We, and several of our leading clinical colleagues around the world, have the view that GTT@home could transform screening for glucose intolerance in T1D and become an important tool in clinical studies and in standards of care "

Dr Frank Martin

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

University of Helsinki

"GTT@home offers a valuable addition to the diagnostic methods for prediabetes and diabetes."

Professor Jaakko Tuomilehto 

University of Helsinki

University of Sydney

"OGTT are an important but inaccessible test. However, Digostics’ OGTT home-testing approach could change this by making the detection of prediabetes, GDM and diabetes more convenient and easier to perform. This has exciting implications for both developed and underserved markets."

Professor Stephen Colagiuri

University of Sydney

About Digostics


Lab quality diabetes testing, at home.

Far too many people, in all geographies, are living with undiagnosed diabetes.

Digostics' mission is to enable healthcare providers to detect everyone with diabetes, and those at risk of developing diabetes, by eliminating the common barriers that inhibit testing and prevent the timely return of accurate diagnoses.

Digostics is proud to offer GTT@home -  the most accessible and scalable way for clinical teams to realise their diabetes testing objectives.

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